Start a free University

Start your own free University

A free university provides a platform for learning, discussion and debate that is everyone, and acts as an alternative formalised education sector. There is a long tradition of free universities around the world: from Europe to Latin America, Australia to the USA. They vary greatly in terms of how they’re organized, what courses or learning opportunities they offer, how they are run, where they are based, and whether or not they are institutionally or otherwise affiliated. What they share is the belief that education can and should be more than what currently dominates the increasingly commercially-driven and outcome-oriented tertiary education system.

In this guide we take you through the issues you’ll need to consider and questions you’ll need to ask yourself when setting up a free university in your community and we'll share our own experiences at the MFU.

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Melbourne Free University How to start a free university guide
Melbourne Free University How to start a free university guide

What's covered

  • The ins and outs of free universities
  • What is a free university?
  • The politics and the purpose
  • What is the Melbourne Free University?
  • Who can start a free university?
  • How can I start a free university?
  • Practicalities
  • People
  • Aims, objectives and expectations
  • Audience
  • Venues
  • Courses
  • Lecturers
  • Moderation
  • Marketing, media and outreach
  • Funding
  • What not to forget

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