The Politics of Permaculture & Beyond Money: A Postcapitalist Strategy

May 26, 2022
The Alderman (upstairs), 134 Lygon St Brunswick East
45 minute conversation between Anitra and Terry, 45 minute open discussion

How might we transition and transform into a truly eco-sustainable future? What might a world orsociety without money look like? What role might social and eco-movements like permaculture playin this transition, and how can we navigate the frictions and fractures within communities as we radically reimagine our futures?

Join us for a pair of sessions where Anitra Nelson and Terry Leahy, the authors of Beyond Money:A Postcapitalist Strategy and The Politics of Permaculture respectively, address these questions inconversation with one another.Two new books connected by significant themes, two authors – who collaborate regularly – in discussion with one another (and you) about their work.

WEEK 1: 19 May 2022
Terry Leahy
, in conversation with Anitra Nelson,on his The Politics of Permaculture (2021).

Permaculture is an eco-movement driving innovative agriculture and settlement design, and communities living harmoniously with nature. It started in Australia in the 1970s to flourish as a world-wide movement confronting industrial capitalism today.

The Politics of Permaculture is one of the first books to unpack the theory and practice of this social movement. Drawing on rich interviews with permaculture practitioners and organisations,Terry will explain its potential, challenges and the different ways it is understood and practiced.

Terry Leahy has participated in the permaculture movement since its founding in 1978 and has lectured as a sociologist in universities since 1973. Website:

WEEK 2: 26 May 2022
Anitra Nelson
, in conversation with Terry Leahy, on her Beyond Money: A Postcapitalist Strategy (2022)

What might a world without money look like? Arguing that money isa critical dynamic in generating and expanding inequity and unsustainability, Anitra advocates abolishing money to achieve a post-capitalist future. Drawing on a spectrum of political and economic thought and activism, including feminism, ecoanarchism, degrowth, permaculture, autonomism, Marxism and ecosocialism, Anitra sees agents for money-free societies in many 21st century movements. Beyond Money argues that localised nonmonetary economies area necessary — even if insufficient — foundation to establish radical values and visions in our everyday lives

Anitra Nelson is an activist-scholar affiliated with University ofMelbourne, her many books include Exploring Degrowth and LifeWithout Money. Website:

Listen to the session:
The Politics of Permaculture & Beyond Money: A Postcapitalist Strategy